SlAPDASH Ultimate

Denver's FIRST Ultimate Frisbee Hat League

Spring 2023 Season Is Underway!

Our Spring season runs Sundays from April 16th through June 11th, located at Sloan's Lake Park.

What is a Hat League?

You may have heard of a hat tournament, where your team for the tournament is determined randomly. In our hat league teams will be randomly determined each week to encourage meeting and playing with new people. Each week you'll play two games with your team and then next week you'll play with a new team. Since teams changes each week the focus of a hat league format is not about winning, but learning, meeting new people, and having fun!

What to Bring?

We Are a Non-Profit League

Slapdash is a 100% non-profit league. Meaning any money collected from registration fees will be put back into the league with any excess being donated to a charitable organization.